…to learn to play, to play to learn…

Thank you for considering Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten for your child’s early education. Families are valued for being an active part of our early childhood environment. Our educational programs, philosophies and practices aim for children’s individual needs to be met; social; physical; emotional and intellectual development; equal opportunity; opportunities to become self-reliant and develop self-esteem; welcoming, vibrant and flexible play and learning environment that reflects children’s interest and is responsive to the needs of each child.


Proud to be rated as “Exceeding the National Quality Standard” in all 7 Quality Area’s and all 58 elements. Assessed and rated by ACECQA as Exceeding the National Standard in 2020.

Mission Statement:

Caring, Educational and Family Focused …to learn to play…to play to learn’

Vision Statement:

A place where children’s voices are heard and valued’.

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Our Outcomes

Children have a strong sense of identity.

Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

Children are confident & involved learners.

Children are effective communicators.


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